Why I love my Warby Parkers

NYMED warby parker clip

NYMED warby parker clip

One of the most frequent questions I encounter – where are your glasses from?

My glasses are made by Warby Parker and they are excellent. The model is Winston and the color is Old Fashioned Fade. Yes, they are prescription glasses. (Someone commented on social media asking me why I wore my glasses during the delivery of my child in the hospital. Answer: Because I wanted to actually see my child.) Let me tell you why I love my Warby Parkers. Before the time of Warby Parkers, prescription glasses for people like me cost at least $300 (thank you, terrible vision). The lenses and frames were prohibitively expensive and as a result, I didn’t get new glasses all that frequently… even when I needed new ones.

These glasses are cool, channel my inner nerd, and the best part: they cost $95 including prescription lenses. For those who don’t live near a Warby Parker shop (Boston, NYC, Dallas, LA) or a retail shop that carries their line (Philly, Chicago, Nashville, Miami, Oklahoma City, Richmond), the company also does free at-home trials. Just in case these aren’t good enough reasons for you to go out and buy a pair STAT, Warby Parker also has a healthy mission. With each pair of glasses purchased, you’re donating to their non-profit that provides basic eye exams to people in developing countries and sells glasses at affordable prices to these communities.

In case progessives are your thing, they have those, too. So, if you’re about due for a new pair of glasses (or even if you’re not), check out Warby Parker. I think I might get myself a new pair of Winstons – this time in Lunar Fade. Thoughts? @DrDebbieYi


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