Nerdalicious corner: Casio Illuminator Digital Watch


Nerdalicious corner: Casio Illuminator Digital Watch

Counting down the seconds until your next pulse check? Giving updates on how long it’s been since succinylcholine was pushed? There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to count seconds on a watch with a second hand, especially in a busy ER. *Precise CPRers and *obsessive RSIers will be happy to know there’s an awesome, inexpensive, water resistant, blood-friendly (ok, maybe not friendly, but easily cleanable) watch out there. This watch comes in fun colors that provide a nice contrast to any shade of scrubs, even the salmon-colored ones… And when I say inexpensive, I mean less than $15. That’s so affordable, you might even forgive the patient for the “accidental” spillage of bodily fluids onto your wrist.

For non-scrub wearers: these watches add a vibrant pop of color to any old, boring outfit. Major pluses: the watch is water resistant to 100M (scuba-friendly) and the battery lasts 7 years (lazy-friendly). C’mon now, go for it!


Terms I made up:

*Precise CPRers: people who take CPR very seriously, down to the minutia of how fast and deep each compression is delivered and want to know exactly when 2 minutes is up.

*Obsessive RSIers: people who take the act of Rapid Sequence Intubation (best way to intubate a patient in the emergency setting with fast-acting unconsciousness and paralysis minimizing risk of aspiration if the patient has not fasted) to the level of art form.



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